15th edition


From 02nd to 10th december 2015

For its fifteenth year, the Marrakech International Film Festival is honoring a young but none the less powerful cinema, and one that is in no way less talented or diverse. This is rich cinema, and it’s Canadian cinema.

This tribute, like those that have preceded it, partakes of the very identity of the Festival, which symbolizes an exceptional moment where all cultures meet and talk, making the film a universal language.

Renewing this dialogue every year between talents and intellects in the ancient city of Marrakech, and to have such creativity and inventiveness gather and around the seventh art, is to notice with pride and enthusiasm that the Marrakech International Film Festival has become that crossroads where great national and international creators invent tomorrow’s cinema.

Moreover, the Kingdom of Morocco has become this privileged destination for major movie productions and where the greatest unite.

For all those reasons and more, the Marrakech International Film Festival will continue to be the place where dreams, art and civic engagement coexist in harmony.

Be it programming, tributes, masterclasses, audio descriptions for the visually impaired, projections on the main square of Jemaa El Fna, an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the Marrakech International Film Festival is in itself a combination, a fusion, between cinema and humanity.   While the world and its terrible news worries more than it reassures, we shall recall that in the face of adversity and misfortune that affects so many men and women and at a time when thousands of humans seek refuge, fleeing brutality and violence, cinema is, today and more than ever, called to testify. About that, there are so many views to consider about today’s world with this year’s young talent.  Through the Cinécole competition, we welcome young Moroccan directors of tomorrow to express themselves and share this moment when culture and consciousness meet.  Our purpose is that by involving our young film students in this celebration, and ensuring they have the chance to meet the immensely talented people that will be here in Marrakech, we will meet the challenge of a talented Moroccan cinema.

I wish you all a festival that will fill your expectations and help us build a better future.

The President of the Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation



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    After Britain, Mexico, Scandinavia, and last year Japan, in 2015 the Marrakech International Film Festival continues to explore the contours of world cinematography by paying tribute to Canadian cinema.

    Whilst remaining profoundly anchored in North American culture, Canadian cinema has imposed its own identity, notably through directors who have won the admiration of an international audience. Atom Egoyan, with films such as EXOTICA, THE SWEET HEREAFTER, and FELICIA’S JOURNEY, brilliantly explores the theme of the solitude of individuals struggling with an alienating society. David Cronenberg established himself as a master of genre film (THE FLY, CRASH, EXISTENZ), before producing fables on the violence in our civilization (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, EASTERN PROMISES). James Cameron (TITANIC, AVATAR, the two biggest box-office successes in movie history) has become the symbol of Canadian directors’ capacity to win a global audience. In a more intimate vein, Paul Haggis (CRASH), Guy Maddin (CAREFUL) and Sarah Polley (TAKE THIS WALTZ) also fly the flag for Canadian cinema on the international stage, while actors like Jim Carrey, Donald Sutherland and Ryan Gosling are household names. Far from remaining in the shadow of its English-language counterpart, filmmaking in the French-speaking province of Quebec has succeeded in affirming its own cultural identity, taking off during the so-called Quiet Revolution which began in the 1960s. Denys Arcand emerged as a sharp observer of Quebec’s intellectual and academic circles in THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE and its follow-up THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2003. More recently, cineastes like Jean-Marc Vallée (C.R.A.Z.Y., Jury Prize at the Marrakech International Film Festival in 2005, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, WILD), Denis Villeneuve (PRISONERS, SICARIO) and Xavier Dolan (MOMMY) have become key auteurs, and are regularly selected in festivals worldwide. On the occasion of this tribute, the Marrakech International Film Festival will welcome a delegation of Canadian actors and directors, ambassadors of the vibrancy of a film sector in perpetual evolution.


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