Director, EGYPT


Egyptian director and producer Sakr was born in Abu Dhabi in 1982. In 2000, he moved to Cairo, where he studied management technology and filmmaking, and then screenwriting at the New York Film Academy. He worked as an assistant director on films including Osama Fawzy’s Baheb El Cima (2004) and Bell Alwan El Tabiyea (2005). As a producer, he has credits on Ibrahim El-Batout’s Winter of Discontent (2008), Mohamed Khan’s Before the Summer Crowds (2014), Ahmed Amer’s Kiss Me Not (2015), Tarek El Erian’s El Khaleya (2016) and Welad Rizk2 (2019), and A. B. Shawky’s Yomeddine (2018). Ras El Sana (2019) is his directorial debut.