Born in Jakobsberg (Sweden) , Mikael Persbrandt came to international prominence in 2011 for his European Film Award-nominated performance in Susanne Bier’s Academy Award-winning In a Better World, prior to which he had a lengthy career onstage, on television, and in cinema. His breakthrough came in 1997 with his role as hardboiled detective Gunvald Larsson in the hugely successful Beck series of films. In 2005, he was the recipient of the prestigious Ingmar Bergman Award. Persbrandt’s many other credits include roles in Jan Troell’s Everlasting Moments (2008) and Kjell Åke Andersson’s Nobody Owns Me (2013), for both of which he won the Guldbagge Award for Best Actor, as well as Lasse Hallström’s The Hypnotist (2012), and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy (2012-14).

Selected Filmography

Selected filmography


Sex Education (TV, 2019)
Invisible Heroes (TV, 2019)
X&Y (Anna Odell, 2018)

The Girl in the Spider’s Web / Millénium: Ce qui ne me tue pas (Fede Alvarez, 2018)
The Cake General (Filip Hammar, Fredrik Wikingsson, 2018) *
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword / Le Roi Arthur, la légende d'Excalibur (Guy Ritchie, 2017)
The Siege of Jadotville (Richie Smyth, 2016)
Alone in Berlin / Seul dans Berlin (Vincent Perez, 2016)
Beck (TV, 1997-2016)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies / Le Hobbit: La Bataille des Cinq Armées (Peter Jackson, 2014)
The Salvation (Kristian Levring, 2014)
Someone You Love (Pernille Fischer Christensen, 2014)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug / Le Hobbit: La Désolation de Smaug (Peter Jackson, 2013)
Nobody Owns Me (Kjell-Åke Andersson, 2013)
The Hypnotist / L'Hypnotiseur (Lasse Hallström, 2012)
Agent Hamilton: But Not if it Concerns Your Daughter / Hamilton 2: Détention secrète (Tobias Falk, 2012)
Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation / Hamilton: Dans l'intérêt de la nation (Kathrine Windfeld, 2012)
Somewhere Else (Kjell-Åke Andersson, 2011)
Stockholm East / Stockholm Express (Simon Kaijser, 2011)
In a Better World / Revenge (Susanne Bier, 2010)
Everlasting Moments (Jan Troell, 2008)
Heaven’s Heart (Simon Staho, 2008)
The Kautokeino Rebellion / La Rébellion de Kautokeino (Nils Gaup, 2008)
Solstorm (Leif Lindblom, 2007)
Gangster (Steve Aalam, 2007)
One Way (Reto Salimbeni, 2006)
Inga tårar (Håkan Bjerking, 2006)
Search (Maria von Heland, 2006)
Tjocktjuven (Henrik Sylvén, 2006)
Bang Bang Orangutang (Simon Staho, 2005)
Double Shift (Maria Essen, 2005)
Day and Night (Simon Staho, 2004)
Three Suns (Richard Hobert, 2004)
At Point Blank (Peter Lindmark, 2003)
Everyone Loves Alice (Richard Hobert, 2002)
Dragonfly (Marius Holst, 2001)
Gossip (Colin Nutley, 2000)
Vuxna människor (Felix Herngren, Fredrik Lindström, 1999)
Deathly Compulsion (Rolf Börjlind, 1999)
Love Fools (Leif Magnusson, 1998)
Tueur d'état (Kjell Sundvall, 1998)
Beneath the Surface (Daniel Fridell, 1997)

Nature’s Warrior (Stefan Jarl, 1997)
9 Millimeters / 9 Millimètres (Peter Lindmark, 1997)
Ellinors bröllop (Henry Meyer, 1996)
Sommaren (Kristian Petri, 1995)
Enemy’s Enemy (TV, 1991)
Nigger (TV, 1990)

* also producer