Author, director, screenwriter, AFGHANISTAN


Atiq Rahimi was born in Kabul (Afghanistan). He wrote the best-selling Farsilanguage novel Earth and Ashes (Khâkestar-o khâk) in 2000; both based on the book, his film of the same name won the Prix du regard vers l’avenir at the Festival de Cannes in 2004, and his libretto Terre et Cendres was staged in 2011. His first French-language novel, The Patience Stone (Syngué sabour, pierre de patience) came in 2008. It won the Prix Goncourt, and Rahimi adapted it for the cinema in 2012. A multi-faceted artist, he has also directed several documentaries and written numerous other books, as well as the upcoming opera Shirine; his photographs are in the collection of the British Museum; and he created a combination of drawing and calligraphy known as callimorphism. His most recent film, Our Lady of the Nile (2019), screens in the Marrakech International Film Festival this year.

Selected Filmography

Selected filmography

Our Lady of the Nile (2019)

The Patience Stone (2012)

Earth and Ashes (2004)

Afghanistan, un état impossible ? (doc, 2002)

Nous avons partagé le pain et le sel (doc, 2001)


Les Porteurs d'eau (P.O.L., 2019)

La Ballade du calame, portrait intime (éd. L'Iconoclaste, 2015)

Maudit soit Dostoïevski (P.O.L., 2011)

Syngué sabour, pierre de patience (P.O.L., 2008) – Prix Goncourt 2008

Le Retour imaginaire (P.O.L., 2005)

Les Mille Maisons du rêve et de la terreur (P.O.L., 2002)

Terre et Cendres (P.O.L., 2000)