Director, screenwriter, UNITED KINGDOM


Andrea Arnold was born in Dartford (England). After a period working as an actor and presenter for television, she studied directing at the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles and screenwriting at the PAL Labs in Kent. Her third short film, Wasp (2003), won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short, and was followed by the feature-length films Red Road (2006), Fish Tank (2009), and American Honey (2016), all of which won the Jury Prize at the Festival de Cannes, and the multi-award-winning Wuthering Heights (2011). More recently, Arnold has seen success directing for television, with credits including episodes of Transparent (2015-17), I Love Dick (2017), and the second season of the smash hit Big Little Lies (2019).

Selected Filmography

Selected filmography

Big Little Lies (TV, 2019) **

Transparent (TV, 2015-2017)

I Love Dick (TV, 2017) **

American Honey (2016) * – Jury Prize

Wuthering Heights (2011) *

Fish Tank (2009) * – Jury Prize Cannes 2009

Red Road (2006) * – Jury Prize Cannes 2006

Coming Up (TV, 2003)

Wasp (short, 2003) * – 2005 Best Short Film Academy Award

Dog (short, 2001) *

Milk (short, 1998) *

Hotel Babylon (TV, 1996) **


* also screenwriter

** also producer