Ali Essafi

Ali Essafi

Director, screenwriter, producer, Morocco


Ali Essafi was born in Morocco. After training as a psychologist, he began working in the visual arts and directing documentaries. His works as a director include Général, nous voilà (1997), The Silence of the Root Fields (1998), Ouarzazate Movie (2001), and Sheikhates’ Blues (2005), which have won praise and awards on the international circuit. In 2003, he was appointed Artistic Director of Morocco’s Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision (SNRT). His research into North African film archives has inspired publications, films, and installations, including Wanted!, commissioned by the Sharjah Biennial in 2011, and ‘‘Halaqat Nord-Africaines’’, a selection of the Dakar Biennale in 2014. His latest film, Crossing the Seventh Gate (2017), had its premiere in the Forum section of the Berlin International Film Festival.

Selected Filmography


Our Dark 70s (post-production) */ **
Crossing the Seventh Gate (2017) */ **
Wanted! (short, 2011) */ ** Sheikhats’ Blues (doc, 2004) */ **
Al-Jazira , Arab Voices (doc, 2002) *
Ouarzazate Movie (short , doc, 2001) *
Paris mois par moi, Paris (short , doc, 1999) *
The Silence of the Root Fields (short , doc, 1998) *
Here We Are my General! (doc, 1997) *



Waiting for Pasolini (Daoud Aoulad-Syad, 2007)



Boulevard Génération (Hicham Bajou, Mohamed Slaoui Andaloussi, doc, post-production)
Rabbin Hood (Joël Gozlan, doc, 2014)
Abdelkrim & the Rif War (Daniel Cling, short, doc, 2010)


* also screenwriter
** also producer