VR I is a 100% piece of virtual reality in which five spectators are immersed, together and in real time in a totally virtual space. Turning into a sort of spectator camera, the spectator is placed at the heart of the apparatus as a protagonist and actor of their personal
experience. At once immersive and contemplative, the piece invites the avatar-spectator to follow their point
of view.

Virtual Reality technology, as developed by our partner, Artanim, allows a total immersion of the spectator
through the combining of real space with virtual space. The frontiers between dancer and spectator are thus abolished. They evolve together on the same plane and in the same space/time, at the intersection of the real and the virtual.

Thanks to movement capture technology, it is now possible to restore the dance in all its fluidity. While the decors and the environment are virtual-just as the dancers’ attire is – the movement is quite real. In the VR 1, the spectators and dancers share the horizontal plane. It is the real presence of the spectator’s body within a coherent physical space that endows the piece with astonishing scale-games.

Accordingly, the spectator-traveler may, in the course of a journey through a life-sized desert, find himself face to face with 30-meter tall dancers, or later, notice miniscule dancers at their feet. Thanks to this unique device, the piece interrogates our perception of reality and our capacity to adapt ourselves instantly to potential universes.