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The “Cinecoles” competition will now be within the SNRT’s realm.

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The Cinecoles competition will no longer be included in the program of the next edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival. Now, support for young students movies will be provided by SNRT (National Broadcasting and TV Corporation), which recently set up a financial support mechanism for cinema production in general, and for students movies projects in particular.

Launched as a tender open to all schools and universities dedicated to the cinema business, this device will allow awarding contracts for the co-production and / or the pre-purchase of broadcasting rights and / or industry intake of 6 feature films and 12 short Moroccan films, under Article 16 of the SNRT specifications.

"We also plan to expand our concept of writing residencies organized in partnership with the Moroccan Cinema Centre to include a section dedicated to young filmmakers, allowing them to interact with professionals from the film industry." Sarim Fassi Fihri, deputy chairman of the festival and director of the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre (CCM).

Young talents and Cinema students can always count on the support of the Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation, which will continue to welcome them to attend the festival and participate in the masterclass ceremonies.