Testimonies of attendees

"As the President of the Marrakesh International Film Festival Foundation, I call on all those who love cinema and life to come and feed their passion at our recent but already unmissable Festival. Since it's only together that we can build a future for our Moroccan cinema."

His Royal Highness Prince MoulayRachid President of the Marrakesh Film Festival Foundation

"When the festival started, I said it would become one of the best known festivals. It is a festival that will last. The quality of the films is exceptional."

Martin Scorsese - American film maker and president of the Feature Film jury in the 2013 edition

"I feel at home in Marrakesh. I have shot two films here. It is also a special moment for cinema in general as can be seen in the huge number of stars present this year."

Marion Cotillard - French Actress 2013 Guest

"The Marrakesh International Film Festival is a unique opportunity to bring together cultures from around the world and to celebrate the creative spirit. I am very honoured to receive this prize."

Sharon Stone - American Actress Tribute 2013

"The history of my family is connected to this country. My grandfather grew up in Tiznit and Agadir, and he lived here in Marrakesh. I am very proud to receive this prize."

Juliette Binoche - French Actress Tribute 2013

"It is a great honour to be back at the Marrakesh International Film Festival which holds a special place for me. Last year, the festival made me immensely happy by selecting my film "Zero" for the official competition. This time, I come back as president of the Cinécoles competition. It is for me, a great responsibility and a new challenge."

Nour- EddineLakhmari – Morrocan Film maker President of the Cinécoles Jury - Edition 2013

"The Marrakesh Film Festival is the ideal place to celebrate cinema and the world of acting."

Emir Kusturica - Serbian Director, Actor and Screenwriter Tribute 2009

"To promote cinema, especially independent cinema from all over the world encourages the human spirit, humanity and a better understanding of the other. I am proud to join you in this effort."

Susan Sarandon - American actress and producer Tribute 2006

"Every occasion which allows human beings to meet represents anopportunity to encourage tolerance and peace provided there isn't any prejudice or discrimination. For this reason, the Roberto Rossellini Prize 2006 is awarded to the Marrakesh International Film Festival because we believe that it is open to all the cultures without distinction nor prejudice. The Marrakesh Film Festival has all the potential to become a reference point for those who are looking for peace, fraternity and tolerance."

Renzo Rosselini – Italian Film Maker Edition 2006

"We must multiply points of view and cinematic approaches by giving the means to film makers to speak about what they know so that they can widen our perception of the world. I am particularly happy to receive this award in Marrakesh, from Martin Scorsese who embraces the world of cinema like a lover."

Abbas Kiarostami - Iranian Film Maker Tribute 2005

"They asked me to write a few words about my state of mind at the moment. So here they are: I take 15 pills a day, I make enormous efforts not to smoke. The only glimmer of hope at the moment, is knowing that I will soon be with you in the magical city of Marrakesh, which an ointment for the melancholic."

Youssef Chahine - Egyptian Film Maker Tribute 2004

"Dear friends, during this Festival, in this marvellous country and the immensely welcoming city of Marrakesh, I am so honoured to receive the Etoile D'Or from the directors of the Marrakesh Festival. It has become a "must" on all of our calendars. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am very happy to be amongst you, Vive le Festival! "

Claudia Cardinale - Italian Actress Tribute 2004

"Marrakesh and cinema have something in common: the art of telling stories. Since the birth of cinema, the public have flocked to movie theatres, just as they do around story tellers in Jemaa El Fna. As an admirer of the Maghreb since my studies in France and since my very first short film, I am happy to see once more my Moroccan friends knowing that Marrakesh will welcome us with its legendary hospitality and will always give us the pleasure of beautiful stories."

Volker Shlöndorff – German film maker, president of the Feature Film Jury Edition 2003

"I am honoured to preside over the international competition of short films for this third edition. The Marrakesh International Film Festival seems to get bigger each year in particular thanks to the support of the Royal Family. I hope for the great success of the 2003 edition and I can't wait to take part!"

Jeremy Irons – British Actor, President of the Short Film Jury- Edition 2003

"For me it is a great happiness and joy to attend this new edition of the Marrakesh Film Festival. This festival was launched in a tragic context in the aftermath of September 11th. His Majesty King Mohammed VI initiated the Marrakesh Film Festival though many were reserved about the launch date. He must be given his dues. Cinema has conquered the world; it is time to pull together. It can help us understand, respect, unite and perhaps simply love one another."

Jeanne Moreau – French Actress, President of the Feature Film Jury Edition 2002

"I come to Marrakesh because the festival is well done. It is a moment of glamour and of dreams."

Charlotte Rampling - British Actress, President of the Feature Film Jury - Edition 2001