Youssef Britel

Youssef Britel

Director, Morocco


Born in Meknes (Morocco), he is on stage at the age of 4. After studying at the Rabat School of Acting, he then proceeds to hosting and acting in TV shows, before moving to directing films. From 2003 to 2013, he continues to act in movies, in particular for directors Ahmed Boulane, Hussein Sadr, Latif Lahlou or Mohamed Nadif. After ten short films, he directs his first feature dedicated to an icon of contemporary painting, Chaïbia Talal. As a director who wants to show some of the most important episodes of Morocco’s history, it was obvious that the Green March (Al Massira) would be the subject of his new film.

Selected Filmography

2014      Chaïbia, la paysanne des arts

2015      LA MARCHE VERTE (Al Massira)