Director, Canada


Born in Canada, Paul Haggis cut his teeth writing many TV series, including the critically-acclaimed EZ Streets, considered by the New York Times as one of the most influential series of all time. After picking up all the top accolades in television, it was a natural move to apply his talent to the big screen.

In 2006, Haggis became the first screenwriter in movie history to write two films that won Best Picture Oscar in consecutive years: Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood in 2004, and Crash in 2005, which he also directed. Crash also won the Best Screenplay Oscar, alongside nominations in four other categories including Best Director.

Haggis’s work is notable for its liberty and social engagement, taking on diverse topics such as racism in Crash, forgiveness in Million Dollar Baby, and the war in Iraq for In the Valley of Elah.


Selected Filmography


2015                      SHOW ME A HERO – TV

2013                      Third Person (Puzzle) */**

2010                      THE NEXT THREE DAYS (Les Trois Prochains Jours) */**

We Are the World 25 for HaitI – clip & TV

2007-2008          The Black Donnellys – TV **

2007                     IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH (Dans la vallée d'Elah) */**

2005                      CRASH (Collision) – Grand Prix Deauville 2005, Best Motion Picture & Best Original Screenplay 2006 Academy Awards */**

1999-2002          FAMILY LAW (Associées pour la loi) – TV **

1998                      GHOST OF A CHANCE – TV **

1996                      EZ STREETS – TV **

1994-1999          DUE SOUTH (Tandem de choc) – TV **

1993                      Red Hot *


2016                      INVERSION Peter Segal

2008                     Quantum Of Solace Marc Forster

2007                      FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS (Mémoires de nos pères) Clint Eastwood

LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA (Lettres d'Iwo Jima) Clint Eastwood

2006                     Casino Royale Martin Campbell

Last Kiss Tony Goldwyn

2004                     Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood – 2015 Academy Award for Best Motion Picture *

2000                     Michael Hayes – TV *

1993                     L.A. LAW (La Loi de Los Angeles) – TV

                Walker, Texas Ranger – TV

1987-1988           THIRTYSOMETHING (Génération pub) – TV *

1982-1983          DIFF’RENT STROKES (Arnold et Willy) – TV

* also producer

** also screenwriter