Director, screenwriter & stage director, Italy


“This film you are making is making you. It is there on the celluloid, there is nothing more you can do, and you can’t start over the following day. During editing, there are certain choices you can make, but when it’s finished, that’s the film. You had an infinite number of choices about which way to go, and you picked one, and one only.”

Selected Filmography

NELLA CITTÀ BAROCCA – court métrage *
DEATH OF A NEAPOLITAN MATHEMATICIAN (Mort d'un mathématicien napolitain – Morte di un matematico napoletano) *
1994 L'Unico paese al mondo – segment Voce all'intelligenza – court métrage
Miracoli, storie per corti – segment Antonio Mastronunzio pittore sannita – moyen métrage
1995  NASTY LOVE (L'Amour meurtri – L’Amore molesto) *
1997 THE VESUVIANS (I Vesuviani) – segment LA SALITA *
1998 REHEARSALS FOR WAR (Teatro di guerra) *
2003  THE SENT OF BLOOD (L'Odeur du sang – L’Odore del sangue) *
2005  CARAVAGGIO, THE LAST ACT (Caravaggio, l'ultimo tempo) – doc, moyen métrage/middle-length
2010  WE BELIEVED (Frères d'Italie – Noi credevamo) – TV *
2011 La Meditazione di Hayez – court métrage/short
2013 Leopardi (Il Giovane favoloso) *


*également scénariste/also screenwriter