Director , Argentina


“My cinema has this tint because I am seeking distant places, which move away from fiction, in order to open a gap between the factual and the psychological. I don’t believe a lot in the verbal, speech, the words that human beings utter. Rather, I believe in acts and in what I see. […] Words aren’t enough for me to express what I see, what’s inside me, even if I don’t want to impose a discourse or a meaning on my films. […] What I love most is observing without interposing. Cinema allows me to approach those who I don’t encounter every day, the marginal without culture, education, or health. I have to earn their trust for some moments that are ephemeral, yet which are worth everything to me.”


Lisandro Alonso burst onto the international stage in 2001 with his first, radical film, La Libertad, and quickly became one of the leading figures of the “Nuevo Cine Argentino”. Over five movies, he has built a singular, outlandish body of work, bearing his talent for poetry, metaphysical questioning, and dramaturgy. In 2014, he presented his latest film, Jauja, in the Festival de Cannes sidebar Un Certain Regard. A dreamlike, dazzling, quixotic narrative, this mesmerizing film saw the first collaboration between the director and the world-renowned actor, Viggo Mortensen.

Selected Filmography

Director & screenwriter

1995      DOS EN LA VEREDA – coréalisation, short *

2001      LA LIBERTAD *

2004      LOS MUERTOS

2006      FANTASMA *

2008      LIVERPOOL *

2012      SIN TÍTULO (CARTA PARA SERRA) – short

2014      JAUJA – Prix de la Fipresci Un Certain Regard Cannes 2014

* also producer


1996      LA ÚLTIMA LLAMADA Andrés G. Schaer – short

2013      THE MILITANT (El Lugar del hijo) Manolo Nieto

2016      EL FUTURO QUE VIENE Constanza Novick