Lee Chang-dong

Lee Chang-dong

Director, South Korea


Lee Chang-dong began a career in theatre, then moved on to become a novelist. He made his directorial debut with the one-of-a-kind Korean film noir Green Fish (1997), which he followed with Peppermint Candy (1999) and Oasis (2002), for which he was named Best Director at the Venice International Film Festival. In 2003, he was appointed South Korea’s Minister of Culture and Tourism; upon leaving that office, he directed Secret Sunshine (2007), for which Jeon Do-yeon received the Best Actress award at the Festival de Cannes. Among other prizes, Poetry (2010) took the Best Screenplay award at Cannes; Burning (2018) is Lee’s most recent film.

Selected Filmography

1997 : Green Fish

1999 : Candy

2002 : Oasis

2007 : Secret Sunshine

2010 : Poetry

2018 : Burning