Actress , Morocco


“[Being an actress] is first and foremost about doing good. Then, it all depends on what you’re looking for and the energy that you give off, leaving aside the framework and the exercise. Put simply, it’s about pushing your limits, and succeeding in untangling your tumult and your anxieties. […] I could just as well have been an explorer or a journalist, because I like discovery and seeking out novelty.”

Selected Filmography

1998      Les amis d'hier Hassan Ben Jalloun

A WOMAN’S FATE  Hakim Noury

2000      ALI ZAOUA, PRINCE OF THE STREETS  Nabil Ayouch

2006      LE JEU DE L’AMOUR Driss Chouika

2007      THE SATANIC ANGELS Ahmed Boulane

SELLAM, RECEPTION CENTER Youssef Britel – short

2008      Française Souad El-Bouhati

KANDISHA Jérôme Cohen-Olivar

2010      L’ÉQUIPE (Al ferka) – TV

2011      LOVE IN THE MEDINA Abdelhai Laraki

2012      Le retour du fils Ahmed Boulane

2013      ENTROPYA Yassine Marco Marroccu – short

Sotto voce Kamal Kamal

2014      Derrière les portes fermées Mohamed Bensouda

L'anniversaire Latif Lahlou

The Gospel of John David Batty

The Gospel of Matthew David Batty

The Red Tent – TV

2015      The Gospel of Mark David Batty

The Gospel of Luke David Batty