Ahmed Magdy

Ahmed Magdy

Director, Egypt


Ahmed Magdy was born in Cairo and graduated from the Faculty of Law of Ain Shams University before joining the Al-Tamy theatre troupe, where he worked as an actor and assistant director. He made his directorial debut with the short documentary film Riverbed in 2007, which was followed by a second short documentary, Zizo, in the same year. He continued directing short films, including A Cream Cake (2008) and To the Sea (2009), which was selected for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. As an actor, Magdy has appeared in numerous successful films and television series. The Giraffe (2018) is his first feature-length film as a director.

Selected Filmography

2007 : Riverbed

2007 : Zizo 

2008 : A Cream Cake 

2009 : To the Sea 

2018 : The Giraffe