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Today’s guest .. Isabelle ADJANI

A queen in Marrakech.

Tonight, the Marrakech Festival pays a career tribute to a shining star in the cinema firmament, Isabelle Adjani.

Adjani's acclaimed career is distinguished by her exquisite performances in playing strong female characters. Such a passionate, bold and talented actress that she can be compared to a queen. Her art is timelessly intriguing, but, never loosing track with reality, she takes interests on global concerns. As part of the career tribute that she receives in Marrakech, her latest film, Carole Matthieu by Louis-Julien Petitwhich she initiated and has been just released in France- will be screened at the Palais Des Congres. In this social thriller she plays a physician who denounces the poor working conditions inflicted on the employees of a call center who leads a struggle to compel the managers to change their ways.

Since the beginning of her prolific career as a comedian, Isabelle Adjani’s talent stole the limelight. She quickly became one of the most coveted actresses in the world. Terrific, generous and skillful in performing different type of characters, she drew the interest of some of the world’s most eminent directors, including François Truffaut, André Téchiné, Roman Polanski, Claude Miller, Werner Herzog, James Ivory, Patrice Chéreau and JeanPaul Rappeneau, who offered her great roles. Thanks to her exceptional talent, they were able to make some of their best works.

Adjani received a double Cannes Film Festival's Best Actress award for her roles in Possession by Andrzej Zuławski and Quartet by James Ivory. After receiving four Césars for her roles in Possession, One Deadly Summer by Jean Becker, Camille Claudel by Bruno Nuytten and Queen Margot by Patrice Chéreau, she won a fifth distinciton for her role in La journée de la jupe by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, thus becoming the most nominated actress by the Academy. Isabelle is Marrakech’s promise.